TOP fashionable autumn things

  • TOP fashionable autumn things

Under quarantine restrictions, fashion shows are held remotely. However, the virtual broadcasting format does not interfere with enjoying new products and following the trends of the Autumn-2021 season. Modern collections are characterized by upbeat and life-affirming notes. And we have selected the most spectacular images for you. If fashionable clothes are not an empty phrase for you, then the following information will be very useful for replenishing your wardrobe.

Bright colors

The collections of 2019-2020 were dominated by neutral shades. However, in 2021, they give way to a riot of colors and a variety of colors. It is clear that there is always a place for the classics - beige coat, white shirt, black dress. But in modern realities, bright colors and bold combinations are more and more manifested:

  • Lemon yellow chrysalis dress, tights and sneakers.
  • Cobalt blue "Three" suit, which includes a long jacket, a vest with buttons, culottes.
  • Hot pink jersey long sleeve top with palazzo pants and wool coat.

If we talk about the No. 1 fashion trend in women's clothing, then in the fall of 2021 this is a bright total look!

Knitted dresses, cardigans, sweaters

When updating your autumn wardrobe, you shouldn't forget about cozy knitted clothes. At the same time, fresh collections abound in a knitted pigtail pattern. A lightweight cotton or acrylic sweater will be a good choice for wearing in fall and spring. And for the winter season, warmer options are suitable, especially woolen products. If we talk about knitted dresses, now they are in vogue: loose fit, maxi or midaxi length, with a collar under the throat and a mandatory slit.

Original looks with masculine style

"Three" suits are rapidly gaining popularity. They resemble men's suits. Boyfriend fit coats are also in fashion. Successfully playing with a combination of colors, you can easily create a unique look with an overcoat, jacket, shirt, vest, golf, skirt or trousers. When you are choosing materials, we recommend giving preference to suit fabrics, fine wool or knitwear.


If a coat is not the best option for you, there are many alternatives to choose from. In particular, you should take a closer look at voluminous down jackets, jackets and raincoats. They are so airy and comfortable that they are confidently replacing the classics. The most suitable materials: raincoat fabric and eco-leather. Such canvases provide reliable protection against autumn rain and even winter frost.

Are you serious about updating your fall / winter wardrobe? Are you trying to keep up with the times and follow the fashion? Then go to the online catalog "LUDMILA FASHION" and choose branded women's clothing with worldwide delivery! 

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