About the brand ✰LUDMILA FASHION✰

Wardrobe of Your Happiness

These words have been chosen as a motto of women’s clothes brand LUDMILA FASHION by our creative team that works every day and creates your wardrobe of happiness.  

High-quality natural clothes which highlight unique women’s characters and their beauty.

Our wardrobe of your happiness is your health

When are people happy? When they are healthy. And your health depends not only on food but on clothes. That’s why the brand LUDMILA FASHION uses only natural fabrics for creating new outfits for your wardrobe: delicate silk, soft cashmere, comfy cotton, and linen. So, our clothes are healthy.   

Our wardrobe of your happiness is your comfort 

What are comfortable clothes for you?

We think that comfortable clothes are lightweight and warm in winter, and cool in summer.

Besides, we focus on a special design. So, our clothes don’t inhibit your movements.  

There are professional technologists, apparel cutters, constructors, designers, and stylists in our team – all of them think about your comfort in every outfit from LUDMILA FASHION brand. 

Our wardrobe of your happiness is your originality 

We maintain originality in every thing in our work: from a textile basis for clothes to a product name. We use only our fabric prints and designs. All these styles are created specially for our collections. 

We have looked back to the past and use some unique animal and insect patterns because since ancient times people have been believed that such prints can protect them and bring good luck. 

Almost 50 % of prints in our collections are flowers and plants as natural beauty symbols.

We make original designs in limited-edition collections (up to 15 products). Some designs are OOAK. That’s why you shouldn’t worry that there are a lot of the same coats or dresses on Ukrainian streets. Your look will be absolutely unique.

Every product has a beautiful women’s name: Vereneya, Toriya, Ebbil. 

If you buy clothes in our shop, you will get not only clothes but a new “friend” for your beautiful look.