Varieties of modern dresses

  • Varieties of modern dresses

Beautiful dresses are in almost every woman's wardrobe. They are always relevant and fashionable. Designers create new styles, and every woman can find the best design for her. What dresses are there? Let’s have a look.

Dress variety in the modern dress shop

Dresses can be worn as separate clothes or in combination with shawls, silk scarfs, hats, and other accessories. There are several dress types:

•    Material: silk, linen, knitted, cotton, and woolen.

•    Purpose: wedding, fancy, official, business, casual.

•    Format: slim-waisted, semi-fitted, loose-fitting, cut-off-waist, bell-bottoms, etc.  

•    Length: tunics, mini, midi, maxi.

Dresses can be made of natural and semisynthetic fabrics. Dress fabrics are chosen according to the season. For example, spring dresses are made of natural silk, linen, and viscose, and autumn-winter dresses are made of wool, jacquard, and velour.  

If you want to see the most popular dress designs, you can do it in our online shop. Do you need more information about the dress? Please, click on it. We don’t sell other brands’ clothes. We create our styles and sew clothes in our workshops. That’s why you can find long and short, loose-fitting and slim-waisted, different-colored and different-styled dresses in our shop.

We sew clothes in standard sizes, but we can sew clothes in special sizes on your demand. That’s why you can buy a dress (cocktail, fancy, business) that was sewn specially for you. It will be perfect for your figure. 

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